Sunday, 17 February 2013

What's new with us?

Gosh, it's been a while but we haven't been idle here in southern Burgundy. The past few months have been put to good use planning some great events here (more of these later) and getting down to some creativity of our own. Inspired by a trip to Barcelona last year I've been itching for a chance to make a stained glass window based on a design I saw at the Familia Sagrada cathedral. So, when I found a great glass supplier in Lyon, I made my selection and set to work. The small window by the front door is now home to my own 'homage to Catalonia'.

A friend, ( has a sister in law who trains mid-wives in Ethiopia. Not having much in the way of high-tech, state of the art training aids they rely heavily on knitted uteruses (yes, this is the plural as well as 'uteri') to demonstrate birth. Warm fires, warm friends, mulled wine, knitting and doing something worth while seemed a marvellous combination so the winter project was launched. A bonus is that I've learned to knit in the round on four needles!! If anyone is interested in having a go, please get in touch.

My other winter activity to help improve my French was to become part of the committee that produces our annual village magazine. For a small commune of only 338 inhabitants (5 more than last year), there is so much going on and articles from the various clubs, associations, societies and organisations were commissioned. Images were sourced and debates (fuelled by wine) continued long into the chilly winter evenings. I was thrilled to bits when it was decided that not one but two of Malcolm Jarvis' paintings (Malcolm tutors pastel painting events here) were chosen to adorn the covers of the magazine.

I shall be blogging again in the next few days to let you know more about the events happening here this year but I can reveal we'll be welcoming back Alexia Fachon, Christine Porter, Karen Ely and Murielle Naigeon and welcoming for the first time Anne Marie Fyfe. 2013 is going to be fun.