Friday, 22 February 2013

Its all happening at Les Cerisiers

Planning events here at Les Cerisiers in southern Burgundy is so exciting I sometimes fear that I may burst. My 'dream' of this blog title and also the business was to have a creative arts and activity centre that offered space to people who wanted to spend time doing what they love, and working with gifted people who make this happen is a complete joy.

So, what have we in store for you in 2013? Alexia Fachon ( and Murielle (Mumu) Naigeon ( will be running a well being weekend here from 5-8 April. A combination of Alexia's yoga, meditation and massage with Mumu's tasty food treats leaves guests feeling revitalised and ready for anything.

At the beginning of June Karen Ely ( will be leading a group of women through six days of serenity, personal growth, community, creativity and a quiet step into simpler times. This will be Karen's third visit here to Les Cerisiers for a week that has always brought laughter, friendship, music and magical energy to the place.

Another returning tutor is Quilt Ace Christine Porter. Chris will be bringing her unique style and humour (as always) to this years event that celebrates floor tile designs. Guaranteed to improve quilting techniques, add colour to life and ensure uninterrupted quilt time I can hardly wait to see this years creations.

I'm really excited about a new event for this year - Anne-Marie Fyfe will be joining us in September for a week long poetry workshop 'Write reality, live the dream'. This event is already full although we're keeping a waiting list. There's no doubt that Burgundy inspires writers and we're hoping Anne-Marie's group will be thrilled with the work they produce.

As usual Roger Bonjour will keep us supplied with wine and offers wine tastings to all our guests.

If organised activities are not your thing but being creative is, we also offer our facilities for private rental for individuals or groups.

Hope to welcome you to Les Cerisiers this year.

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