Friday, 9 November 2012

trees please

Since moving here we've talked of planting some new trees that we can watch grow and thrive and establish themselves as we (and our business) endeavour to do so alongside them. Yesterday we finally drove the kilometre down the road to visit Michel, a nurseryman who supplies trees to the foresters around these parts. We were spurred to action by a desire to take a painting (or rather a photo of said painting) to Michel. It turns out that a charming house painted by one of our recent guest artist once belonged to his parents so we were keen to show him the work. (The artist is Dorothea Schulz)

Forewarned of our visit Michel had gathered together a sample of the trees he grows (ever-greens) and talked as through the pros and cons of having Normans, Blues or several other varieties. I also got to ask a question that's been plaguing me for some time - why do we so often see upside down white plastic milk bottles tied to young fir trees? Answer - to scare away wild boar and deer who are fairly keen on nibbling at young trees. Now I know! Purchases made and picture handed over (he loved it) we rushed back to show are 6 trees (what is the name for a baby tree - seedling, sapling) their new home.

This morning was just so beautiful that I decided to start my day with a bit of a walk. As I strode along the lanes a phrase Michel had thrown out the day before began to play on my mind - one day you will have good Christmas trees. Have I mentioned before that Christmas trees (along with cat's tummies) are my favourite things? I tried to concentrate on the vivid blue sky, the view of my house through a gap in a hedge, young creamy cattle taking in the morning sun but, I am ashamed to say, my mind was on other things.

When I returned home I did something I vowed I would NEVER do - I let Christmas into November. I rummaged in the barn to find my decorations and then placed two of them on the smallest tree - just to see. I guess the message is that if the decorations are still bigger than the tree, you need to wait a while. The decorations are back in their box now but I shall be testing the theory that talking to plants helps them grow, watch this space.


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