Saturday, 21 September 2013

A welcome harvest

Harvest time has arrived once again in Burgundy. Actually we've been harvesting for some time but somehow the strawberries, raspberries, redcurrants and peaches got munched before I had a chance to photograph them. 

 What makes this so exciting for me is my first walnut (the small green globe in amongst the foliage in the photo above). Apparently you can wait 10 years for the first fruit to appear - I've had the house for 6 and the tree was planted before I arrived. There was a lovely old walnut tree in the lane in front of the house and we'd pick up the nuts as they fell. Each year the tree tipped a little further into the field opposite, our arboreal tribute to the leaning tower of Piza - we had bets on which year it would finally topple. Then the farmer came along and took his chain saw to it! So, the timing of our walnut is spot on.
 I'm still getting to grips with harvesting mushrooms. Its great here - you pick the lot then go along to the local pharmacy who split the hoard into edible and those that will make you poorly. I'm not going to gather these but thought the colour was lovely.
 Any recipe suggestions for damsons? Not jam! We're so jammed out.
 The quinces are great this year after a very poor show last. Quince jelly and a host of other goodies to try this autumn. Off blackberrying now - crumble for tea. I'll combine them with some of the apples from this tree. Perhaps if I pick enough the poor tree will be able to stand upright again?


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