Thursday, 25 July 2013

Can't get enough of Trees

I just love trees. Whilst I don't often hug them I do feel inspired to chat to them on a fairly regular basis. The lake at La Clayette is edged by beautiful birches and when the sun has been shining on them they feel warm as pony skin.

Combining two of my favourite things - trees and wool, this tree outside the Plassard wool shop is a delight which, when I have wool and time to spare, I plan to recreate. The cause of this colourful spectacle was International Knitting Day (9th June - put it on your calendar).

By stark contrast this rather bare tree dominated a vineyard with only its green trunk to suggest life at work. I'm hoping its just a late developer.

On the last day of their retreat here, Karen Ely ( and friends planted a Mirabel tree in our orchard. We're looking forward to abundant crops in the years to come.

1 comment:

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