Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Our friends from across the pond (and those more local to us)

Every now and then you have a REALLY special week and last week was certainly one of those. We welcomed back Karen Ely from A Womans Way and 8 amazing women from North America who had ventured here for a spot of 'Joie de Vivre'.

The aim was to combine valuable 'me time' and reflection with a huge slice of French life. As always, the friends we have made here rallied to the call and we had some rather splendid moments. Mike H teamed up with Roger Bonjour to host an evening of wine enlightenment and tasting.
My yoga teacher Alexia Fachon, led a day of yoga and holistic massage whilst good friends Mike C and Roland created a magical evening of music.

In between times, the ladies visited Cluny and the beautiful Chateau de Dree and we all made lavender wands together!! (Yet another 'things I never thought I'd do' activity to add to the list). Time for a spot of R&R now before the courses kick off again in September.

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  1. I love those lavender wands. Mmmmm wine enlightenment sounds good.