Saturday, 18 December 2010

Funny old world, funny new year

As we move into 2011 (Happy New Year by the way) I pause and take stock of my life here. A couple of odd little things have happened over the last week or so and I'll share them with you now for no particular reason other than they made me think. When I started my little blog it was primarily to share my adventures, in words and pictures, with friends and family. It's great to see a following and I'd like to say a big THANK YOU for caring enough to read, follow and comment. Yet my little blog has also caused a bit of a stir and I was brought to account twice recently. I'd been spotted whilst taking photos for the remembrance day service by a local dignatory who enquired after my motives to my neighbour. My blog was explained and the said official then used a translation tool to uncover my comments and thoughts. I give a frank and, humourous (well it makes me laugh) account of things here and I spent several days fretting over what would be made of my scribblings. I was eventually summoned to put my case forward (having told Mark to bag our bags as we'd probably be drummed out of the village) and explain some of the terminology that google,translate hadn't been able to offer an intelligible interpretation of. I came away from the meeting unsure of my future - did they prosecute in France for libel? Much to my amazement (and huge relief) I was contacted a few days later with a request to become a contributer to next years village magazine!
My next surprise was to come across a blog dedicated to reviewing other peoples blogs (I wonder whether there is a blog that reviews blogs of people that review blogs - could be an opportunity here). There, for all to see, was a review of mine. Whilst the final message the audience was left with was that mine was a nice little blog, the word 'dissapoinment' in the first para left me feeling a bit empty. The reviewer was anticipating great recipes for snail and rabbits (the latter was mentioned a few too many times in my humble opinion) and, failing to receive these, felt let down. Always one to please, I was going to include a recipe here but decided to wait until my cook book comes out.

As things happen in threes, another odd thing happened to us recently. we'd been having a spot of bother with the front door lock. Although most people round here don't lock their front doors, for some reason we have a bolting device on our door that would rival Fort Knox, until it refused to lock that is. So, having looked up the word for locksmith 'serrurier' I duly made an appointmen and the gentleman came round to size up the problem. Having removed the five bolt locking mechanism, he explained that he would need to order a new one and this could take three or four days. Not a problem said I. It was some time later that I noticed he'd taken away the old locking system with him leaving the door not only unlockable but also unshutable. Our solution was to fill two suitcases with heavy clothing and baricade ourselves in each night. Bizarre.

Anyway, here's looking forward to another year filled with lifes little mysteries, rich wonders, joy and laughter.

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  1. Well, I like to here your updates! Sod the dissapointed reviewer. Happy New Year to you. xMo

  2. p.s you should be able to do a link when you write a website - it would be good for this post

  3. I agree with the above.

    Your blog is great, ignore the reviewer.

  4. Thank you CN and GSD. Are you going to blog again GSD?

  5. GSD - already linked, my website is