Thursday, 4 February 2010

Here comes the sun

I'm going to whisper this as I don't want to jinx it 'I think spring may be on it's way'. Since Tuesday we've had terrific blue skies, sun that actually warms you when you stand within it's beams, and birds chirping their little hearts out. Every Tuesday evening I spend a couple of hours with Christine, the local post-mistress, as we endeavour to improve our foreign language capabilities (hers in English, mine in local dialect French). This week we were taking a look at sayings and idioms. As I knocked at her front door I was struck by how light it still was (for 5.30) and checked my watch to make sure I wasn't an hour early. 'It's spring' she said as she welcomed me in. 'One swallow does not a summer make' I replied!! The next day, however, there were the same blue skies, brilliant sunshine and tuneful birds. Mark and I were off to meet a local photographer and entrepreneur, Roland Walrawens, who's photos I'd admired on google earth and who only lives a short distance from my home. I had left my jacket at home, was sporting my sun glasses and even turned the heating down a notch in the car although I stopped short of opening the sun roof. As Mark and I sat munching our way through a delicious chocolate cake in Rolands kitchen, the room flooded with sunlight. Roland picked up one of his many guitars and started to play 'here comes the sun'. I closed my eyes and hummed quiety along. Here comes the sun indeed.

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